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Besides great swaps, we host Mysteries, BOMs, Challenges, Quilt Along Groups and sew much more.
Our quilting forum offers help for beginner quilters, a place to trade quilting items like books and patterns, as well as housing quilter blogs. We're the most fun you can have outside of quilt shops.
Quilters of all skill levels are welcome here. Check us out and if you like what you see, join us!! Simply click on "quilting forum" and register using a nickname and password of your choice. Registration is usually processed in 2 to 8 hours.
Latest News

Haunted cabins swap just opened! Check it out.

Winners in drawings last night were: Mini Quilt Stands: Honeyfield/Deb & Kathryn_70 for the months of June and July; For the July Lotto: Brenda won first prize -- a boat load of great patterns; KathyFL won second prize which were the patterns that Brenda sent. Congratulations to all!!!

Q-bay was a huge success. Buyers: be sure to pay today and sellers mail promptly.

Have you signed up for the new August contest or the August Lotto?

Hope everyone is quilting today!


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